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8.30am - 9.00am


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9.00am - 12.00pm

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Knebworth Pre-School
Park Lane

Knebworth SG3 6PD



Knebworth Pre-school
Knebworth Pre-school

Welcome to Knebworth Pre-School!

Our approach


Children are given the oppertunity to fulfill their potential, develop skills for later life, through stimulating and well planned activities, in a happy and safe enviroment.



Knebworth Pre-school are fortunate in having a team of experienced and qualified members of staff, who are committed to providing a happy and challenging enviroment.


Staff regularly update their training and keep abreast of evolving legislation.


Apart from the manager being a EYP,  another member of staff  has completed the foundation degree studies . All remaining staff hold the neccesary qualifications.

Key Persons

Glenys James    Manager


Julia Bysouth    Manager



Nikki Gumble


Angela Wicks


Dawn Williams





Additional staff


Amanda Osgood  -  French lessons


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